Interactive installation

Presented at:

Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poland, Sept. 22 - 27 2008.

119 Gallery, April 9 - May 17 2007 Lowell MA. Part of Boston Cyberarts Festival

With "The Memory of a Looking Glass" sound artist Andrea Pensado and visual artist Greg Kowalski combine the immediacy of sound-image-movement interaction with the depth of immersive art to create a unique exploratory experience. Visitors are invited to aim a laser beam at two screens and discover the sounds, images and textures they conceal. The result is an audio-visual collage created in real time.


The installation was first presented at 119 gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts, in April 2007 as part of the Cybearts Festival. Memory of a Looking Glass was then presented at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts as part of the Warsaw Autumn Festival in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2008. Below are videos of this presentation.

The two screens were placed facing each other.






"Mirrors and dreams are similar things, it is like the image of man before himself."

                      -Jose Saramago